Borders & Edges
Many images benefit from a frame or border to finish them off. Look how long we have been framing pictures for the wall. In the digital age the same still applies and to this end we have created a set of borders and edges that can be used with your images in Photoshop.

Take you Borders, Edges and Textures to the next level with the
Border and Texture Applicator
automatically size and rotate your borders and textures to fit your image.
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B.I.P. Batch Image Processor

In total there are 15 volumes of borders and edges available in 3 packs of 5 or as the complete 15 volume set. Each volume consistes of an 8 layer PSD file with a different edge on each layer. Simply drag the layer over your image and resize to fit using Photoshop's transform tool. In total there are 120 borders and edges - ranging from the popular sloppy or distressed edge effect to some traditional frames.

The borders are supplied in 2 sizes 800x640 for web sized prints and a larger 1800x1440 for printed images. We can also offer an even larger size of 3000x2400 @ 240dpi on CD if required. You can also combine several edge effects on top of each other, rotate, resize and vary the opacity of each for even more options.

To further increase your options you can color invert the border giving the option of black edges or white fade-out edges. In addition we can provide a Photoshop action that will convert your border into a mask so that you can then select your own edge color. You could even use the mask to overlay your image and border effect over another image or a texture even.

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Download a PDF file with all the borders and edges from here

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